Every treatment begins with a thorough consultation . I'll identify factors that may be affecting your skin, and guide you through your optimal skin health journey, which will be tailored specifically to your skin concerns.





Focus-on treatments

30mins £45  (course of 3 £120)

Specially developed to target specific areas, ensuring that your primary skin care concerns are directly addressed. A short yet powerful infusion vitamin treatment procedure.

Focus On Facials

Available in 4 options

·         Focus On Frown

·         Focus On Eye

·         Focus On Jaw

·         Focus On Texture


You can pick which option suits your skin concerns best and I’ll customise the treatment to suit your needs.


Essential treatments

60 mins £60 (course of 3 £165)

90 mins £70 (course of 3 £195)


Using dual electro-sonic technology this treatment delivers powerful actives to the skin down in the deeper layers, where your skin really needs it. We offer four different options

·         Youth Reset – anti-ageing

·         Moisture Boost – especially for dry skin

·         Comfort Calm- for sensitive skin

·         Radiance Boost – for pigmentation


Whichever of these options matches your skin concern I will customise the serums and treatment completely to your needs. 


Cool Peel treatments

45-60 mins £60 (course of 3 £165)

Environ’s unique cool peel technology is a non-invasive, intelligent skin renewal system, to safely and effectively help refine, revive and brighten skin.

Available in 5 options

·         Youth Renewal

·         Blemish Control

·         Deep Cleansing

·         Bright Recovery – our most powerful peel

·         Vibrant C Micro Peel


Choose whichever peel sounds right for your skin concern.

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Hush Environ Before:After2.jpg
Hush Environ Before:After3.jpg


30 mins £15 

This is a fantastic way to introduce you to Environ treatments and products. 

Redeemable against one product purchased or a treatment course (3) booking on the day